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Business Fleet Tracking in the News

In the last decade, GPS trackers have emerged as critical and cost-effective tools in the process of tracking business vehicles, also known as GPS fleet tracking.  From school buses to fishing boats, GPS trackers continue to make news for the benefits they provide for businesses and other organizations.  Here are some recent GPS news updates on how GPS trackers are being effectively utilized for fleet tracking:

Chicago Using Data from GPS Trackers to Study Traffic Congestion

Anyone who has ever been hopelessly stuck in a traffic jam can appreciate Chicago's decision to utilize the information from GPS trackers already installed on 2,000 city buses to study traffic congestion in the Windy City.  Officials plan to use the GPS tracking data, supplemented with photos, to pinpoint problem areas, and devise plans to improve traffic flow.

In addition, the same GPS trackers already allow CTA bus riders to track bus locations via their website.  Many business owners are utilizing this same 'information-on-demand' concept to improve customer service by allowing customers to track deliveries and approximate service times.  It's a strategy that reduces phone calls and increases customer satisfaction.

GPS Trackers in Taxi Cabs Lead to Multiple Recoveries of Valuable Instruments

Apparently some of the world's most talented musicians are also very forgetful.  In recent years, three stories have surfaced which involve professional violinists leaving their valuable instruments in the backseats of taxicabs and how fleet tracking and GPS trackers have led to their recovery.  The most recent case occurred just last month in which a GPS tracking system helped New York authorities locate a violin valued at $500,000 after it was forgotten in the backseat of a cab and subsequently transported to New Jersey when the cab driver went home for the night.

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While your workday might not include toting around a pricey violin, there is an important concept here.  Using GPS trackers for business fleet tracking can lead to the easy recovery of stolen vehicles, misplaced equipment, and help you improve the efficiency of your business.  Leveraging the power of technology through GPS trackers and GPS tracking software is a smart business decision.

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