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GPS Trackers in the News:  February 2010

Here at TrackingTheWorld, Inc., we like to keep tabs on what's going on in the wide world of GPS trackers.  We've scoured the Web to find the most interesting tidbits of GPS tracking information and posted them here for you.

GPS Trackers for the Super Bowl

From the Lombardi Trophy to the star players in this year's big game, GPS trackers played a big role at the 2010 Super Bowl.  According to a recent news article, GPS tracking devices were used to track both Colts and Saints players in transit, halftime performers, and other key participants.  The GPS trackers provided a cost effective means of organizing the massive production plus an added level of security.
You can read the whole article here:

GPS Trackers Helping Buffalo, NY Dig Out

Anyone who's seen the nightly news lately knows that New York residents have seen well more than their fair share of snowfall this winter.  To aid in the daunting task of removing ton after ton of snow, Buffalo New York officials have employed the use of GPS tracking systems.  The GPS trackers are used to determine the where resources are needed the most, and can even provide information on whether each driver's plow is up or down.  The same GPS tracking system is also set to be put in use during the summer months for street maintenance and trash removal.

GPS Trackers New to Quest Race

The Yukon Quest International Dog Race has incorporated the use of GPS tracking systems to track all but one of this year's mushers.  Now, instead of waiting for mushers to check in at various checkpoints throughout the race, Quest enthusiasts will be able to track their favorite mushers online.  The GPS trackers are set to deliver updated location information on each musher every 10 minutes.

GPS Trackers for Your Business

Even though you might not be playing in the Super Bowl, or plowing snow in Buffalo, New York, GPS tracking systems have many practical uses for helping you run your business more effectively and efficiently.  Businesses of every size use GPS trackers for fleet tracking, improving fuel efficiency, monitoring employees, and more.  If you'd like to learn more about incorporating GPS tracking into your business, visit TrackingTheWorld at