GPS Tracking as a New Form of Advertisement?

A man by the name of Nick Newcomen recently decided to profess his love of Ayn Rand by driving 12,328 miles across the U.S.  The purpose of this trip was to attempt to record a message that could be viewed by Google Earth using GPS tracking technology.  By turning his GPS tracking device on and off as he created each letter used to spell out the message "Read Ayn Rand."

Newcomen told press that it took him approximately ten days to complete the entire message.  Newcomen wanted to get his message about Ayn Rand across to the general public, but he wasn't sure how to capture reader attention in a saturated Internet market.  So, he took to his car, Google Earth, and his GPS tracking system in order to send a message to the world – for free.  Newcomen was inspired to write the advertisement after viewing shapes and drawings that other Google Earth users had created.

While writing an advertisement in the sky takes a lot of time, this may be the newest way to grab reader attention.  GPS technology makes it possible to track and trace a vehicle's entire route, and many people are beginning to see the potential of GPS tracking devices.  Even though most people don't have the time to drive 12, 328 miles in order to create an advertisement, there are some people out there who would be more than happy to drive this much for a small fee.

Newcomen's stunt gained worldwide attention, and nearly every newspaper in the country picked up his story.  Will GPS become the newest form of marketing? Possibly; though advertisers aren't giving up on social networking just yet.  As for Newcomen's message, there's no doubt that some people who are not familiar with Ayn Rand will follow his advice and "read Ayn Rand."