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News Updates on GPS Tracking Systems

There's no better way to determine how to best use GPS tracking systems in your business that to take a look at how others are putting GPS trackers to work every day.  Here are our most recent findings on the very latest in GPS tracking news.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Expanding Use of GPS Tracking Systems:

Recognizing the fiscal benefits of implementing GPS trackers for vehicle tracking, the city of Baton Rouge has decided to expand their GPS tracking efforts from 16 to 100 vehicles over the next two years, with a long term goal of using GPS tracking systems to track 50 percent, or 900 vehicles, of the city's public works fleet within 4 years.  According to a spokesperson, Baton Rouge's fleet tracking efforts are currently concentrated on monitoring heavy equipment such as street sweepers, and preventing fuel theft from diesel trucks. The city expects millions of dollars in savings as a result of bumping up their use of GPS trackers.
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Stolen DISH Network Van Recovered with GPS Tracking Systems:

With the increasing popularity of using GPS trackers to prevent auto theft, you'd think would-be car thieves would think twice before making off with someone else's vehicle.  Police in Kentucky recently apprehended a suspected car thief with the help of a GPS tracker which had been previously installed in the DISH network satellite television van. Shortly after the van was stolen, the tracking device was activated and began sending location reports to police via GPS tracking software.
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North Carolina Police Use GPS Tracker to Find Missing Child:

Here's proof positive that GPS tracking systems are an effective way of tracking loved ones for the benefit of their personal safety.  North Carolina police recently located a missing 18 month old boy thought to be in need of medical care through the use of a GPS tracker installed in the rental car the boy was traveling in.  Police detained one individual and the case is ongoing.
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GPS Tracker Helps Locate Teenager with Disability:

Here's another example of how GPS tracking systems are one of the most effective methods for tracking children, elderly family members, and individuals with disabilities.  An Oregon teenager suffering from Asperger's Syndrome was recently found in Chicago, 2,000 miles away from home, after the teen ran away and used his mother's credit card to purchase an airline ticket.
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