School Bus Tracking

Most kids throughout the globe have already gone back to school as usual.  Only, the ride from a child's home to school may be anything but ordinary.  Various school districts throughout the United States have invested large amounts of money in GPS tracking technology.  These districts hope that by monitoring school bus activity, children will safer than they have ever been before.

Some districts are taking child monitoring one step even further by asking students to carry identification tags while at school.  These Ids act a lot like employee identification cards.  When a child enters or exist a school bus, a scanned Id will let school officials know that a child is safely aboard a school bus, and that a child has exited the bus after school.

Every year, students miss bus stops, skip school, and fall asleep on the bus ride home prompting school bus drivers to miss certain home stops.  New GPS tracking and identification technology will put a stop to all of these problems.  Eventually, parents will be able to monitor a child's activity throughout the day as well, and this gives many parents peace of mind.  However, not all parents are thrilled about the new technology that school districts are using.

Some people fee that this type of monitoring borders too closely on violating a child's rights.  After all, children who get into fights on school buses or behave badly while riding a school bus can now be reprimanded for this behavior.  Other parents don't like the fact that small children must now wear identification tags at some schools.  Still, the reaction to this new technology is largely positive.

GPS technology has been keeping kids safe for awhile now, and these new school programs aim at making a school bus ride safer for every child.  Technology might seem intimidating, but, in the end, the number one thing that GPS tracking can provide is safety.  While parents can't monitor a child's every last move, GPS tracking will make it easier for parents to ensure that children are safe while riding to and from school.