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Advancements in GPS Trackers

Like other forms of technology such as cell phones and computers, GPS trackers are rapidly evolving.  If you have not recently checked out the latest in GPS tracking systems, you are probably missing out on some of these latest advancements in GPS trackers.

All-Weather Capabilities

With the right GPS tracker, the weather is no longer an obstacle.  Some GPS trackers are now capable of operating reliable in any weather conditions ranging from freezing cold to miserable desert heat.  TrackingTheWorld's rugged World Tracker Enduro offers reliable tracking in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for a wide range of uses in any part of the world.

Extended Battery Life Options

Through the very latest in Lithium Ion batteries and optional battery packs, GPS trackers no longer require the frequent charges that they once did.  For example, TrackingTheWorld's optional battery pack for the Enduro tracker will allow for up to six months of unattended use.  In addition, TTW also offers an extended battery pack for another of its most popular GPS trackers, the WorldTracker GPRS.

Compact Size

Remember how gigantic your first cell phone was compared to the size of the one you have now?  Like cell phones, GPS trackers have considerably decreased in size since they were first developed.  Many of today GPS trackers are smaller than a small cell phone or credit card.  For example, TrackingTheWorld's latest GPS tracker measures just 2.59 x 1.41 inches.


As technology becomes more accessible it becomes more affordable.  Such is the case with GPS trackers today.  While they were once only affordable for the government and very large corporations, GPS trackers are now in use by even the smallest of businesses to aid them in day to day business tasks.  If you've been worried that you might not be able to afford GPS trackers for your business, you may want to price them again today.  Many business owners come to the conclusion that they simply cannot afford to operate without GPS trackers due to the increased efficiency they provide them.

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