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The Best Features of GPS Tracking Software

GPS tracking software provides many benefits for business owners.  If you've ever thought about purchasing GPS tracking software for your business, you'll definitely want to read the following article which explains the very best benefits of using the software.

Vivid Satellite Mapping:  GPS tracking software works with applications such as Google Earth to provide detailed 3-D mapping, bird's eye view, ariel view, and map view.  In addition, GPS tracking software users may choose to incorporate the use of their own customized maps.

Route Playback:  GPS tracking software offers route playback.  Similar to rewinding, this feature allows users to replay a single vehicle or group of vehicles routes of travel over and over again.

Flexible Data Format:  GPS tracking software provides information in .csv file format, allowing for seamless integration with many programs, including Excel and Access.

Geo-Fencing:  GPS tracking software allows administrators to set limits or boundaries, known as geo-fences, for monitoring their assets.  When a vehicle or other object crosses the pre-set geo-fence set, selected users are alerted immediately.  This feature of GPS tracking software can be especially helpful in monitoring staff with take-home vehicles.

Historical Data:  Is your business bogged down by reporting and records management?  GPS tracking software provides historical data and generates reports based on specific days, months, or years, virtually eliminating the need for hand-written mileage reports.

Security:  In addition to helping you locate a vehicle in the event of theft, GPS tracking software provides an additional measure of safety for your employees by allowing you to see the location of their vehicle at any time.

Improved Customer Service:  Every business owner knows that customers love speedy service!  With GPS tracking software, you'll be able to accurately predict your arrival or delivery times for your customers, and keep them coming back time and time again.

Reduced Fuel Costs:  GPS tracking software can help you create more efficient routes of travel for deliveries, and in determining which vehicle should respond to each call.  This feature can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in fuel costs.

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GPS tracking software works with GPS tracking systems to provide users with detailed location and movement information.  For more information on the benefits of GPS tracking software for your business, please contact TrackingTheWorld, Inc. via the company's website at