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GPS Tracking for Cities Large and Small

GPS tracking systems are proving to be cost effective and convenient tools for cities of all sizes.  Whether you live in a major metropolitan area or a tiny Midwestern town, chances are GPS tracking devices are being utilized by your city government.  Here are just a few ways that cities and towns are increasing productivity and saving money through the use of GPS trackers.

GPS Tracking for Waste Management

There's no question about it, cities full of people generate tons of garbage and recyclables.  And, the task of removing all of a city's waste is a major undertaking.  To make waste removal more effective, some cities and private waste removal companies have turned to the use of GPS tracking systems for keeping tabs on their trucks, their staff, and devising efficient pick up routes.

GPS Tracking for Snow Removal

Just a single inch of snowfall means big expenditures for any city budget.  In addition to salt, sand, and chemical road treatments, cost effective snow removal also requires efficient routes of travel for snow plow operators, and getting the most results possible for every gallon of fuel.  Cities and towns are using GPS tracking devices to aid in cost effective snow removal through the development of fuel efficient snow removal routes.  In addition, GPS trackers allow dispatchers to easily track which neighborhoods and streets have already been covered and which ones are still awaiting snow removal.

GPS Tracking for Street Maintenance

Many cities are using GPS tracking systems to aid in efficient street maintenance.  With GPS trackers installed on heavy street equipment such as street sweepers, cities save time, fuel, and money through increased productivity and efficiency.  With GPS tracking software, dispatchers can track costly equipment, track equipment downtime, and determine the most efficient routes of travel.

For More Information

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