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Fleet Management Solutions via GPS Tracking

As a business owner or operations manager you know just how expensive and time-intensive the constant tracking of company assets can be. This article will suggest ways to save valuable time, money and resources through the use of a GPS tracking device for each unit in your fleet and the organization of those units through GPS tracking software.

A typical GPS tracking system and GPS tracking software can be used in a number of different types of fleet management, including:

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Are you a contracting or excavating company owner or manager whose livelihood depends on the smooth and efficient operation of heavy equipment?  A simple GPS tracking device installed on every piece of your equipment and the use of GPS tracking software will allow you to see the location of every unit in real time.  In addition, with a GPS tracking device on every piece of equipment, you’ll be able to determine exactly how many hours the equipment is active and accurately pinpoint service needs.

Motor Coach Tracking

Are you a transportation provider?  From tracking chartered motor coaches to taxi cabs, a GPS tracking device on every unit in your fleet can aid in reducing fuel costs and monitoring employees.  Through the use of GPS tracking software a systems manager can easily determine the most efficient vehicle choice for making a pick-up or drop off.  In addition, a fleet-wide GPS tracking system can be programmed to log periods of inactivity, creating a system of accountability for employees.

Cargo and Shipment Tracking

Want to provide detailed shipping information to your customers?  Whether shipping over land, sea or air, a GPS tracking device placed with your cargo shipment and the use of GPS tracking software can give you the information you need to offer your customers exact location information from anywhere in the world.  In addition, a GPS tracking system provides extra security for your cargo. GPS tracking software allows for the programming of “geo-fences”, which automatically alerts the user when the GPS tracking device and cargo leave a predetermined area.

If your business depends on the efficient movement and maintenance of heavy equipment, vehicles or their cargo, your company could save thousands of dollars in fuel and security costs simply by installing a GPS tracking system and GPS tracking software for your fleet.  Beginning at a few hundred dollars each, a GPS tracking device for every vehicle or shipment can be a very wise investment.