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GPS Data Logger

GPS tracking technology makes it possible to keep an eye on a particular person or asset anytime, anywhere in the world. As interesting as this technology is, however, its usefulness is determined not by the data itself but rather how that data is collected and used. For this reason, Security Concepts has worked to build GPS tracking solutions that allow you to collect, read and take advantage of GPS tracking data like never before.

GPS tracking devices are usually split into two categories: active tracking devices and passive tracking devices. Active tracking devices are units that constantly collect and send positioning data to a central tracking system (such as a computer) using satellites or cellular telephone networks. Active devices are more expensive and consume more power because the device has to be able to broadcast its position at all times.

Passive tracking devices, on the other hand, simply store positioning data on a built-in memory chip. Once the tracking device is recovered, this data can be downloaded into a computer for analysis. Passive tracking devices like data loggers are extremely useful and cost-effective for situations where active tracking isn't required.

Security Concepts offers several different data loggers that have the ability to store tens of thousands of pieces of positioning data. These loggers can tell you when the device moved, how far it moved, and how long it stayed in a particular place. They can also operate on their own power for days or even weeks, allowing you a great deal of flexibility in how and when you put them into use.