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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

A GPS fleet tracking system can be a wise investment for any business needing to track and manage one or more company vehicles.  From reduced insurance premiums to precise billing data, a GPS fleet tracking system including state of the art GPS tracking software can bring the following benefits:

Reduced Mileage and Vehicle Depreciation

Every business owner knows that with every mile added to the odometer of a company vehicle, the value of that vehicle is reduced and the vehicle is likely to require more dollars in service and repairs.  A GPS fleet tracking system can minimize mileage, vehicle depreciation and service needs by helping business owners plot the most efficient responses to service calls and other needs.  Using sophisticated GPS tracking software, it's easy for a dispatcher to determine the most cost-effective solution to any logistical puzzle, saving your business time and money.

Safer Driving-Reduced Insurance Premiums

When you choose a GPS fleet tracking system for your business, you will have the ability to monitor the speed and location of each employee driver, which results in a powerful deterrent for those employees.  Knowing they are being monitored by a GPS fleet tracking system, employees are much more likely to drive the speed limit resulting in saved fuel and fewer accidents.  Fewer accidents as a result of using a GPS fleet tracking system and GPS tracking software can result in major savings on insurance premiums.  After all, one careless accident can cost you thousands in increased premiums and possible litigation!

Improved Record Keeping

A GPS fleet tracking system and GPS tracking software makes it easy to track and log stop and start times.  This provides business owners with a precise method of billing verification and staff hours.  If a customer ever questions an invoice, you'll be able to supply them with exact information using your GPS fleet tracking system.

Improved Business Management

A GPS fleet tracking system can help you improve the management of your business by providing you with the information you need to be more successful.  Knowing precisely where each unit of your fleet is at any given moment makes crucial decision making easier and faster.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Customers

With a GPS fleet tracking system, you'll know the exact location of your costly cargo at anytime.  Using GPS tracking software and a GPS fleet tracking system, you can easily and more accurately pinpoint delivery times, which is something your customers will appreciate.

As you choose the business tools you need to be successful in a global economy, consider the above benefits of a GPS fleet tracking system and GPS tracking software.  From a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, GPS fleet tracking systems are available in nearly every price range.  For more information on GPS fleet tracking systems, visit