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GPS Trackers in the News

Here at TrackingTheWorld, we're always scanning the day's news for great updates on how people are putting the technology offered by GPS trackers to work for their businesses.  And, with more and more GPS trackers deployed every day, the news is getting out that GPS tracking systems come with many benefits for improving the efficiency of your business.

NYC Puts the Brakes to Fraudulent Inspections

New York City is now keeping tabs on its many building inspectors with the help of GPS tracking systems.  This action was in response to last year's accusation that a building inspector fraudulently reported that he had inspected a crane which collapsed days later, resulting in the deaths of seven people.  In addition to providing and additional level of motivation for inspectors to perform their jobs with integrity, the city's new GPS trackers will reduce a source of liability, and protect honest inspectors who could be falsely accused of not doing their jobs.

Tow Trucks Recovered with GPS Trackers

Imagine arriving to work to find that not one, but TWO of your company vehicles were stolen.  Such was the case for a Florida man, the owner of a towing business, when he realized that two of his three tow trucks were missing.  Thanks to the advance planning of this savvy business owner, the two trucks were easily recovered with the help of GPS trackers which were previously installed on all three trucks.  And the verdict is in···fleet tracking with GPS tracking systems is a cost-effective way to prevent the loss of your valuable company assets.

Personal Business on Company Time:

If you've ever wondered how much company time some of your employees are using for personal business, here's some food for thought:  According to a recent GPS tracking news article, an Ohio employee was caught cell phone shopping and driving his department vehicle well outside of his work area.  With the help of a GPS tracker and GPS tracking software, his whereabouts were validated and his employer took action against him.  As a business owner, one of the best strategies you can use to increase your bottom line is to cut excessive payroll costs and fuel consumption by eliminating dishonest employee practices with the use of GPS trackers.  See the article here:

For More Information

GPS trackers provide the technology you need to keep accurate records, protect the hard-earned reputation of your business, and prevent theft.  For more information about GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software, visit TrackingTheWorld at or call 650-692-8100.