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GPS Trackers Where You Least Expect Them

Chances are you've probably heard that GPS trackers are routinely utilized as cost-effective business tools.  But, perhaps you're not fully aware of just how many businesses and organizations are using GPS trackers to protect their assets, provide better service, and save money every day.  Here's a quick list of 10 places where you might be surprised find a GPS tracker.

Your City Bus or Taxi

Public transportation providers are routinely using GPS trackers in a number of ways, including saving fuel, providing accurate arrival and departure times to customers, increasing driver safety.

Your New Car

Some automotive dealers are now placing GPS trackers on new vehicles to aid in recovering the vehicle if repossession is ever necessary.  Although laws vary from state to state, GPS tracking systems are highly-effective in leading law enforcement or other professionals to the exact location of any vehicle fitted with a GPS tracking system.

Your Plumber

Expecting a plumber or another in-home service provider?  They just may be using GPS trackers on their vehicles for providing you with the fastest service possible and accurately predicting when they will arrive at your home.  With GPS tracking systems, company dispatchers can track all of their service vehicles to save time, money, and fuel.

Your Child's School

Whether your kids are just starting kindergarten or packing up for college, your child's school is probably utilizing GPS trackers to monitor the location of their school buses and other school vehicles. Just like other businesses and organizations, school systems use GPS trackers to assure the safety of passengers and drivers, monitor staff performance, and save money.

Your Neighbor's New House

Is there a new home going up in your neighborhood?  If so, builders might be using GPS trackers to protect high-priced new appliances in the home in addition to any heavy equipment on the building site.  Construction and scrap metal theft is rapidly on the rise, and contractors are taking measures to avoid loss.

Your Local Police Department

Hard times mean lean city budgets and police departments are utilizing GPS trackers to reduce unnecessary staff hours involved in monitoring suspect vehicles, monitoring patrol habits, and assuring that cities receive the most protection possible from their police budget.

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