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GPS Tracking Devices and Accessories by TrackingTheWorld

If you're looking for a GPS tracking device or accessories, but aren't sure what to purchase, this article may help you decide.  Below you will find brief descriptions of GPS tracking devices and accessories by TrackingTheWorld.

WorldTracker PLD

The WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking device is the latest GPS tracking system to be offered by TrackingTheWorld.  The GPS tracking device is about the size of a small cell phone and offers several convenient and effective features.

The WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking device includes one way emergency listening and two way voice communication, as well as quad mode capabilities which allow the GPS tracking device to operate reliably from any location on the planet.  The WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking system can be easily hidden for covert use or attached to a key ring for personal use.

Ideal for personal security use, the World Tracker PLD GPS tracking system operates in areas such as parking garages and buildings that can often pose problems for other GPS tracking devices.

WorldTracker GPRS

The WorldTracker GPRS GPS tracking device offers real time updates every 15 seconds, a first in GPS tracking systems.  Entirely self contained, the GPS tracking system is incredibly small—about the size of your car keys.  Through the use of GPS tracking software, the frequent updates provided by the GPS tracking device allow unprecedented tracking capabilities.  This GPS tracking device can be used for personal or business GPS tracking, including covert use.

Hibernating Battery Pack

For situations where prolonged battery power is needed, TrackingTheWorld offers a hibernating battery pack for use with either WorldTracker GPS tracking device.  Housed in a durable magnetic case, the battery pack will allow a GPS system to operate unattended for up to 30 days.  This is especially useful for the covert use of a GPS tracking device, as it eliminates the need for constant and costly human monitoring of the GPS tracking system.

GPS Tracking Software

GPS tracking software is a powerful tool for use with any GPS tracking device.  GPS tracking software works with readily available satellite mapping applications and can even be upgraded with your own maps when greater detail is needed.  GPS tracking software is effective for a wide range of personal and business needs including everything from parents tracking a teenager to a shipping manager tracking a fleet of trucks.  GPS tracking software offers increased security for business owners by alerting them when assets move out of a predetermined area.

TrackingTheWorld is a globally respected source in the field of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software.  For more information about any of the products listed above, please visit