GPS Tracking Systems for Ocean Freight Shipping

GPS tracking systems represent many cost-effective benefits for providers of ocean freight shipping services.  From improved customer service to theft reduction, below you will find the benefits of GPS tracking systems for logistics and navigation companies that provide international shipping.

Cargo Theft Reduction

Continued theft of valuable cargo can certainly take its toll on any transportation business.  GPS tracking systems are widely-recognized for their ability to reduce and deter theft.  With GPS tracking systems, you'll have the ability to track valuable cargo when it reaches each port between pick-up and delivery.  GPS tracking systems with extended-life battery packs and durable weather proof cases are the very best option for ocean freight shipping.

Security for Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargo

GPS tracking systems are ideal for large and valuable pieces of roll-on/roll-off cargo such as automobiles and heavy equipment.  GPS tracking systems can be discreetly installed on all heavy equipment as a covert security measure, allowing you to immediately pinpoint the equipment's location should theft be attempted at any port.

Reduced Cargo Insurance Claims

Cargo insurance premiums can be a sizeable part of any shipping company's budget.  GPS tracking systems can help you reduce your cargo insurance claims and keep your premiums in check.  In fact, some insurance providers now require GPS tracking systems for valuable cargo.

Added Value for Your Clients

GPS tracking systems give ocean freight shipping companies the ability to easily provide tracking services to their clients.  In addition to being an added perk for your clients, allowing your clients to access an online GPS tracking system to track their own cargo as it reaches each port will reduce the number of phone calls and location inquiries your company receives.

Fleet Management

From a single ocean vessel to a fleet of dozens, GPS tracking systems can help you effectively manage your fleet and your business.  By installing a GPS tracking system on every vessel in your fleet, you'll know about port or customs delays as they happen and have the advance warning you need to accommodate them.

For More Information

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