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GPS Tracking Systems for Law Enforcement Departments

GPS tracking systems can be a powerful tool within the profession of law enforcement.  From tracking stolen goods to saving thousands of dollars in labor, this article will provide a basic overview of how law enforcement departments can benefit from the use of GPS tracking systems.

Vehicle Monitoring and Recovery

With car theft on the rise, GPS tracking systems covertly installed on "bait" vehicles can quickly lead officers to thieves when the vehicle is stolen.  In addition, GPS tracking systems prevent the need for continuous monitoring of vehicles by humans.  With optional rechargeable battery packs, some GPS tracking systems can operate for a few months completely unattended, saving your department countless hours of officer time and thousands in payroll expenses.

Recovering Heavy Equipment

Are reports of construction theft starting to weigh heavy on your department?  GPS tracking systems covertly installed on heavy machinery and expensive equipment such as central air conditioning units and cabinetry can provide a highly-effective manner of apprehending the construction thieves in your neighborhood.

Faster Response Times

GPS tracking systems are an effective means of dispatching within a police department.  GPS tracking devices in conjunction with GPS tracking software allow dispatchers to quickly identify the closest unit for responding to emergency calls.

Officer Safety

GPS tracking systems can be life savers for injured officers or undercover officers faced with emergency situations.  Whether installed within the vehicle or carried on the officer's duty belt, GPS tracking systems can quickly lead emergency assistance to an officer when they need it the most.

Retail Theft

Investigating a retail theft operation in your city?  Properly disguised GPS tracking systems hidden within a tempting box of valuable retail goods such as cell phones or laptop computers might be all you need to take a major bite out of retail crime in your area.
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