GPS Tracking News: April 2011

Here at TrackingTheWorld, we’re always looking for the latest news on GPS tracking devices and how they’re impacting people and businesses every day.  This month we’ve found a few interesting tidbits on covert GPS tracking devices and more.

Federal Court Endorses Warrantless GPS Tracking:

On the legal front a federal court has endorsed the warrantless tracking of vehicles by police officers.  The ruling stems back to a 2009 Arizona case in which a police officer attached a covert GPS tracker to a vehicle shortly before it traveled through several states.  The officer used assistance from other police departments in various states to track the subject for 60 hours.
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Serial Rapist off the Street:

According to the Boston Globe, a serial rapist’s parole was revoked after the perpetrator left home without his GPS tracking device, likely an ankle bracelet GPS tracker, and missed a required counseling meeting. The man was on parole since being released from prison in 2009, and has since been return to prison.
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Yakima, Washington Reports Success with GPS Tracking Program:

Yakima Police are reporting that their GPS tracking program for tracking in-home detainees has proven to be effective and efficient. Specific conveniences include using the GPS tracking information to assure participants have reported to work, remained there for the duration of their shift, and have not strayed from their authorized routine.
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GPS Tracking System Helps Police Find Hijackers and Recover Vehicle:

In New Delhi, a GPS tracking system in a vehicle led to police to five hijackers and the stolen vehicle. The five hijackers and the vehicle were found in a nearby town, where they were all apprehended and the car recovered.
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