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GPS Tracking in the News: April 2010

GPS tracking systems are among the most versatile are cost effective tools for businesses of every size.  Check out the news stories below to see the very latest in GPS tracking news and find out how businesses are using GPS technology everyday to improve profitability and efficiency.

GPS Inventor Inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame
Roger L. Easton, credited with the invention of the global positioning system, and spawning the use of GPS tracking devices as we know them today, was recently inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame for his work in spacecraft tracking and navigation.   Easton filed his first patent for GPS tracking technology in 1974.  Read more here:

Southwest Airlines to Begin GPS Satellite-Guided Landings
GPS tracking devices will soon be used on Southwest aircraft for more exact and more efficient landings.   The total investment for the GPS tracking equipment is estimated at $175 million—which the airline hopes to offset with decreased fuel costs.
While you may not be operating a major U.S. airline, GPS tracking devices can help even the smallest businesses save fuel and money by curtailing unnecessary travel, monitoring company vehicles, and determining the most efficient routes of travel.
Read more GPS tracking and Southwest Airlines here:

Police Recovery of Stolen Ambulance Credited to GPS Tracking Device
San Diego police recently recovered an ambulance stolen by a drunken patient, released from the hospital only moments before he stole the vehicle.  The GPS tracking unit installed in the ambulance quickly led police to its location.   The intoxicated man’s joyride was cut short when police used stop sticks to halt the vehicle.  Source:
GPS tracking systems installed on every vehicle in your business fleet can dramatically improve the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle quickly and without damage.   Why not protect  your business by investing in  a GPS tracking system?

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