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GPS Tracking News - December 2010

TrackingTheWorld regularly scours the Web to find out just what's going on in the world of GPS tracking. Here are out latest finds on GPS tracking news:

GPS Tracking Helps Nab Cell Phone Thief in 10 Minutes

Here's a question to ponder... how long does it take to apprehend a cell phone thief? Apparently, less than ten minutes - especially if you're the ill-fated thief who chose to steal an iPhone used in GPS tracking tests. The story started with the thief riding his bicycle alongside a woman who was using her GPS tracking phone. Turns out the woman was actively participating in a real time GPS testing program at the time of the theft. Within ten minutes the GPS tracking phone on its way back to the hands of its owner.


GPS Tracking for Lower Cab Fares

Almost everyone has realized the frustration that comes with watching a cab meter soar while stuck in congested traffic, rush hour, or a construction zone. GPS tracking could soon help you avoid this problem. As part of a Microsoft research project, GPS tracking devices were used for a 3-month traffic study in Beijing. Based on a study of GPS tracking traffic patterns on specific days and at specific times, the GPS tracking unit can now provide alternate and quicker routes of travel by anticipating traffic problems.


GPS Tracking Changing the Business of Landfill Management

GPS tracking is revolutionizing the business of landfill management. As part of tracking the density and compaction of landfill waste, landfill managers are trading the outdated and inefficient methods of ground surveys and aerial images for the convenience of GPS tracking units installed in their heavy equipment. The GPS tracking units report elevation in real time, allowing landfill managers to calculate important data twice a day rather than the long process of waiting for surveys and photography.


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