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GPS Tracking Systems for College Campuses

GPS tracking systems are becoming increasingly common on U.S. college campuses and around the world.  From campus security to tracking master keys, this article will provide an overview of the benefits of using GPS tracking systems on college campuses.

Campus Security

Campus security is a topic of growing concern for educational institutions across the country.  GPS tracking systems can be especially useful for the security staff of any college by providing detailed information about the location of security officers and their vehicles, allowing for efficient dispatching.

Master Keys

College campuses include hundreds, sometimes thousands of faculty and staff members who hold master keys to buildings in which they work.  When one of these keys is lost, it can be a costly event requiring thousands of dollars in new locks, labor, and key replacement.  GPS tracking systems attached to master keys can aid in quickly locating a key when it is lost, and preventing the need for costly lock changes.

Campus Vehicle Tracking

Every college campus has a host of buses, automobiles, and vans for staff use, and transporting students to and from organized events.  GPS tracking systems installed on every campus vehicle make it possible to track any or all campus vehicles when necessary.  In addition to providing an added security measure, GPS tracking systems can help college campuses prevent the misuse of campus vehicles.

Student Tracking

In addition to tracking automobiles and campus vehicles, GPS tracking systems are an effective method of tracking people.  College students carrying GPS tracking devices can be quickly located in the event of a campus-wide emergency.  In addition to quickly locating students, GPS tracking systems can aid officials in determining just how many students are in any one building or dormitory at a given time.  Here's information on how a New Jersey college has implemented mandatory GPS tracking for all students.  Read the USA Today news article here:

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