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GPS Tracking—Only When You Need It Most

In today's tight economy, business owners are sometimes hesitant to begin GPS tracking services because of the added expense of monthly GPS tracking fees.  TrackingtheWorld's latest GPS tracker, the Global Asset Tracker, has eliminated all of the usual fees associated with GPS tracking systems.

The GAT represents a significant development in GPS tracking systems, because it is the first GPS tracking device which requires no activation or monthly service fees.  This is made possible because the GAT GPS tracking system is deployed with a SIM card which can be remotely activated in the event the owner needs to track vehicles, cargo, or other assets.
TrackingtheWorld's Global Asset Tracker lasts up to three years in standby mode, and the GPS tracking system is compatible with an optional hibernating battery pack which will allow the GPS tracker to last up to 7 years in standby mode.  Unlike other GPS tracking systems which require constant power, the GAT tracking device is programmed to receive updates for a very short time each day and then power down once again.

The Global Asset Tracker works with TrackingtheWorld's powerful GPS tracking software which will allow users to see the exact location of each of their GPS trackers when activation is requested.  Using GPS tracking software, business owners can track their assets anywhere on the planet, and even set virtual boundaries, known as geo-fences for any of their assets equipped with GPS tracking systems.

TrackingtheWorld's GAT is a versatile GPS tracking system and can be used for a variety of business applications, including fleet management, security, heavy equipment operations, fishing and farm operations.  GPS tracking systems are often credited with the quick recovery of stolen equipment and merchandise.  In addition, the GAT is a quad-mode GPS tracking system, which allows device and TrackingtheWorld's GPS tracking software to operate from anywhere in the world.

In the event the owner of a GAT GPS tracking system requests activation of the GPS tracker, TrackingtheWorld provides one free location check before activation fees for the GPS tracking system will apply.

If you're looking for GPS tracking systems or GPS tracking software that will allow you to more effectively and affordably manage your business without monthly service fees, consider TrackingtheWorld's latest development in GPS tracking, the Global Asset tracker.