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GPS Tracking Systems for the Private Investigator

When it comes to private investigations there are many times that a private investigator will need to use GPS many of the cases that are private investigator will be involved with, there are times in that case where the P. I must follow a car that has a suspect in it. Many times the PI will know exactly who the suspect is and will be able to access their vehicle when needed.most of time these cases involve spouses that need to be followed due to some question of infidelity on the other spouse's part.

Vehicle tracking, or taling a suspect's car as it is known in the private investigator's world is a dicey situation whenever it is done. there are many times a day you simply can not account for when it comes to following an individual inning of a car. And it is these times that having a GPS tracking unit on the suspect's car makes the entire investigation a success.while in the old days it just took the private investigator extra time to find the suspect's car and maintain a safe distance and that they were not recognized by the suspect. In today's modern world it is far easier for private muscular plays a GPS tracking unit ball in the suspect's car and either be able to follow them from a leisurely distance or to sit in their office and follow them over the Web.

When it comes to modern day technology and using real-time GPS tracking of a suspect's car there are a number of different types of GPS units to look at. There are GPS tracking units, SMS tracking units, ABL tracking units, and data loggers. Each of these types of GPS units provide a different ability for the private investigator. When it comes to GPRS as a tracking units the private investigator is able to get real time updates roughly every 15 seconds most of these devices are as small as a set of car keys and makes it easy to place on a suspect's car. Another type of GPS tracking unit is called the SMS tracking unit. SMS tracking units are extremely small and usually no bigger than a set of car keys and can provide extremely accurate GPS tracking capabilities. When the best features of SMS tracking unit is the fact that the information can be sent via GSM cellular network to your cell phone if needed.

Another type of GPS tracking unit is a AVL tracking unit. The best part about the track unit is the fact that it is a wireless IP-based system. This means that you can get information directly from the GPS unit on board the vehicle, usually these are found on fleet vehicles, and you can also get e-mail or voice communication with the user of the AVL-based tracking system.

The next time for GPS tracking unit that you would want to look at is one that is called a data logger. A data logger is just like it sounds, this is simply a GPS unit that will collect all of the location information speed and direction information and stored on the GPS unit itself. No information will be transmitted to you whatsoever, this helps in protecting the information and not allowing other people to find out what you are collecting. With the GPS data logger you simply remove the GPS unit from the vehicle when you're ready and connected via a high-speed USB connection to your computer and you can download all the data from all of the data points that have been collected. Most of these GPS data loggers collect up to 100,000 records or positions which is quite a long time when driving. Once you've collected the data logger and connected it to your computer you can then download the information from the GPS data logger that will provide you think such as speed, distance, stopping, and other vital information.

And finally there is the RF GPS unit, this is a little more old-school type of GPS tracking unit. The reason for this is the fact that this device will transmit via a radio frequencies to the receiver up to a distance of 35 miles. By doing this you don't have to worry about online charges for using the Internet, or service charges from a GPS tracking system. But the critical thing here is to remember that you must be within 35 miles of the target vehicle in order to collect the data from the unit.

So when you're looking at a situation where you may want to use a GPS tracking unit, you need to look at how you're going to collect that information. Are you going to tail the suspect? If so eight RF GPS tracking it might be your best choice. If the suspect is going to be driving a long distance and you are not going to be a witch monitor them 24/7, then you might want to look at a GPS data logger. But remember you would have to recover that GPS data logger unit before it reaches its hundred thousand record limit. Now if you're involved in a situation where it is a business that needs to keep track of their employees, or employee problems that occur while driving the van you would want to look at any ABL GPS tracking unit said that the home office can have better access to their employees while they're on the road area

So it comes down to choosing a final GPS tracking unit make sure that you're looking at all the variables of your case so that you will be able to choose the correct device for your situation. This will avoid you having to buy numerous devices and you'll be out of stick with one device that will handle each and every situation that you find yourself in. Granted cases change all the time and you will probably end up buying other GPS units but it's best to start off with one general unit that you can use in a number of cases.