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GPS Tracking Systems for Tough Economic Times

With financial experts, and even the White House formally declaring that the U.S. is, and will likely remain, in a recession for most of 2009, many business owners are feeling the financial squeeze of the credit crunch, unemployment, and a country of consumers with little disposable income.

For these tough economic times, the incorporation of GPS tracking systems into daily business routines can help protect assets, save precious operating costs, and streamline operations.  Here's a look at how GPS tracking devices are being used every day to help business owners weather the current recession.

GPS Tracking Systems for Protecting the Contents of Foreclosed Homes

As millions of homes sit empty due to foreclosure and slow home sales, the threats of theft and vandalism to these properties has increased dramatically in the last several months.  With some entire neighborhoods vacated, thieves are targeting these homes for brand new appliances, air conditioning units, and expensive cabinetry.

Many real estate agents and lenders are now protecting the assets within foreclosed and vacant properties with GPS tracking devices.  In the event of a crime, GPS tracking systems covertly attached to items targeted by thieves can quickly lead authorities to stolen merchandise and criminals.

GPS Tracking Systems for Car Dealerships

With record numbers of car dealerships set to close in 2009, and remaining car dealerships faced with glutted inventories and the need to store vehicles in off-lots, dealership owners are turning GPS tracking systems as an effective means of protecting their assets, and quickly recovering stolen vehicles.

GPS Tracking Systems for Reduced Insurance Premiums

One of the largest annual costs for most business owners is that of insurance premiums.  The installation of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software can significantly reduce insurance costs and claims, and potentially save your business thousands of dollars.  GPS tracking systems provide insurance savings in two ways:
1)  By recording the movements and speed of drivers, GPS tracking devices cause drivers to more carefully monitor their driving habits, reducing the likelihood of accidents and costly claims, as well as protecting them against false claims by other drivers.
2)  Due to their proven effectiveness, many insurance companies now offer discounts to business owners who install GPS tracking systems on their company vehicles. Check with your insurance company to inquire about their policy on discounts for GPS tracking systems.

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