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GPS Tracking Systems in the News

At TrackingTheWorld, we monitor GPS tracking news to bring you the very latest stories on the innovative ways people around the world are using GPS trackers to improve their businesses and personal lives. Here are our most recent findings:

GPS Trackers Help Feed the Poor
With unemployment soaring, food banks across the country are experiencing extraordinarily high demands for assistance.  As a result, some food banks are turning to technology to help them provide services to more individuals and make the most of limited resources. As part of The Athena Project, food banks are utilizing GPS trackers, the Internet, and other technology to reduce operating costs and expand services. According to a recent Associated Press report, the 5 year project could save food banks across the country up to $60 million dollars- money which will then be spent on additional food to accommodate increased demand.

GPS Tracking Systems Used to Bust Graffiti Taggers
Police in Escondido, California are using an innovative new system known as “Graffiti Tracker” to track and catch taggers. When graffiti is reported, city workers are dispatched to the scene to photograph the graffiti with special cameras equipped with GPS tracking systems which document the exact location of the graffiti. Using the GPS data, and analysis data of the graffiti, officials have been able to successfully track and convict suspects, resulting in increased restitution amounts to the city and business owners. Read more about how GPS trackers are being used to reduce graffiti here:

Caltrain Announces Plan to Add GPS Tracking Systems to Commuter Trains
According to a recent report, Caltrain has plans to add GPS trackers to all trains from San Francisco to San Jose and will provide continuously updated arrival times, based on reports from the GPS trackers, on platforms. The measure is designed to provide added convenience for commuters with the goal of reducing frustration and wait times. Officials expect the GPS tracking systems to be fully up and running by 2011.

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