GPS Tracking Systems in the Workplace

As more and more businesses around the world implement GPS tracking systems and software as part of their everyday operations, the devices are increasingly used by virtually every department within a typical corporation.  Here’s how GPS tracking software could benefit each of the various departments within your business.

Shipping and Dispatch:  In the shipping and/or dispatch department, tracking devices are very effective for fuel conservation.  By giving dispatchers the insight and information they need to make efficient logistical decisions, trackers result in fuel conservation and reduced payroll costs.

Accounts Receivable:  When accurate billing is important, GPS tracking software can provide automated reporting, including exact figures on mileage and time increments, and streamline your billing processes.

Quality Control:  Want exact reports on your service response times, or proof that a job was completed on time?  GPS technology can provide the information you need to improve your customer retention rates by providing a greater level of satisfaction to your employees.

Management:  Supervisors can easily track the exact location and response time of their employees with GPS tracking software, which provides highly reliable information on location, speed, and idle time.

Fleet Maintenance:  The maintenance of your heavy equipment is crucial for the prevention of costly repairs.  GPS can provide you with exact information on hours of use and distance traveled, plus provide a hassle free mileage tracking system.  Rather than logging odometer reading with pen and paper, GPS offers an efficient alternative by providing accurate time and distance information.

Security:  Worried that expensive electronics or other valuable items are walking right out your back door? Find out for sure by using tracking software to monitor your most expensive assets.  GPS tracking systems are often credited for solving crimes which involve thefts of merchandise or heavy equipment.

As a business owner, your time and budget is dominated by the vast and diverse needs of your business.  GPS tracking software can provide you with valuable information which you can use in a variety of ways to improve efficiency and quality.  Call 650-692-8100 or visit our home page for more information.