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GPS tracking with your TrimTrac in a Mini-van

Well, you just watch her first GPS tracking unit, and it's the new TrimTrac GPS tracking unit. Now it's empty and to figure out where to place this GPS tracking unit all in a minivan sense that as the car you won't be able to track. Again when it comes to being able to place any GPS tracking are all in a vehicle you always want to start in a logical manner and test out the different areas of the vehicle before you place the GPS tracking unit on the device. So with trying this out on a minivan we are going to start at the rear of the vehicle and work our way forward looking at all of the different areas that you can place the GPS tracking unit on. For this example we will use a Honda 2006 minivan as our example.

So starting at the rear of the vehicle, of course you have the bumpers and placing the GPS check unit on the underneath war the part of the bumper that is closest to the ground is always a good choice since that is one of the rare places that you will look for any type of tracking device. Now once you have placed the GPS check unit here on the underneath of the bumper you want to now go and check to make sure that you are getting a good strong signal from the GPS tracking satellites. Next if you're ready to move up to your next area let's take a look at the trunk of a 2006, Odyssey minivan.

One of the nice things about Honda minivan is the fact that be back area of the minivan which is normally used as trunk space is wide open to the sky and we'll give you a fantastic signal for the GPS satellites. Now if you look on either side of the trunk space you'll see pockets where you can place different knickknacks while this is a great place to put the GPS tracking device in this little cubbyhole. It also placed it in the bottom of the trunk area again you're still do need some type of aspect of the sky for the GPS unit to lock in on.

Next on the Honda Mini-van, look at is in the back passenger area. In these areas there are little holes in little space is in other areas to store small items which of course would make a great place to store the GPS tracking unit. Just make sure that if you're placing it in the back of the minivan is not someplace that a small child would be a fine the device and thereby ruin your tracking project. Now let's move up a little bit more to the next row of seats of corps sees are more the captain style seating, so we're looking at little bit less space around them that would have someplace to hold the GPS tracking unit instead you have a lot of open space on the floor and that's not to make a good place to GPS tracking unit.

The next place we want to go to is towards the front of the vehicle well now the drop in the front and the driver and passenger area they of course have little holes to play small items into, in other words adult versions of cubbyholes, and these are areas that you place a GPS tracking unit into as well. You can look at attaching the GPS tracking unit to the back of the mirror you would be amazed at the number of people that do not pay attention to the back of the mirror. And with the TrimTrac GPS tracking unit you are looking at a very, very small device that would easily fit on the back of many mirrors.

No are up at the front of the vehicle again using the bumpers in the front of the vehicle are also a good selection for being able to place a GPS tracking device at. Again, used the underside of the bumper of area that is closest to the ground so that you can easily and professionally high GPS tracking unit at.

Once you have tried the GPS unit on any these locations want to make sure that you go in and test out your desktop GPS mapping program so that you know you're getting a good strong signal from the GPS unit. Again this needs to be done at each and every location on the minivan so you know where you get your strongest signal from. This way once you receive your GPS updates every 15 seconds from the satellites.

The next big piece of advice I can give you is to make sure that you keep track of the batteries that are in the GPS tracking unit. So that you know how much power is still left in the device that you are not caught unaware with a GPS tracking unit that has no power in it. A very simple way of doing this is by simply keeping a log book for what it was last charged up and on average how long the charges last for you need to recharge it.

Fighting a GPS tracking unit on a minivan is really a much easier job than on some other vehicles. The reason for this is the wide-open space of the minivan which leads to easy acquisition of the GPS satellites in orbit. When you are looking at finally placing a GPS tracking unit all in a vehicle you always want to start from the rear of the vehicle and check out the rear bumpers the trunk space the front seats in front driver area, the front bumpers of the vehicle. Each of these areas provide you a ample opportunity to get GPS satellite access but you must test this out first before you decide to actually use your GPS tracking unit live. In the next series of articles we will cover placing the GPS tracking unit on other vehicles as well.