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GPS Tracking Systems for Elderly Drivers & Other Special Needs

As millions of Baby Boomers reach retirement age, many are faced with caring for their own aging parents.  Often a battle of the wills, caring for an elderly parent can mean a constant struggle between maintaining a loved one's independence, and keeping him or her out of harm's way.  This article will explain how GPS tracking systems can provide caregivers with the peace of mind they need, and help maintain the independence of their loved ones.

Elderly Drivers

GPS tracking systems installed in the vehicles of elderly drivers can provide an added safety measure in the event a loved one has car trouble, becomes lost, or is the victim of a crime.  With the use of a GPS tracking device, and Internet-based GPS tracking software, caregivers can monitor their elderly loved one's location 24 hours-per-day, allowing them to quickly alert authorities in the event of an emergency.
For many elderly individuals, their automobile and the ability to drive is a critical part of maintaining their autonomy, continuing to live on their own, and take care of themselves.  GPS tracking systems can help extend a loved one's independence, while providing much-needed additional safety measures.

Personal Safety for Aging Individuals

The ability to safely and independently walk about our communities is something we all enjoy.  But for aging individuals, becoming the victim of a crime, or being taken advantage are very real risks.  Handheld GPS tracking devices are commonly used by people of all ages for personal safety, and can be especially helpful for senior citizens.
Smaller than a beeper or cell phone, handheld GPS tracking systems can be easily worn on a belt, or placed in a purse or tote bag, while tracking the every movement of the wearer.  Personal GPS tracking systems are easy to use, with simple, compact designs and minimal buttons or switches.

Special Needs

For caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, the possibility of a loved one wandering out the door, and becoming lost or injured is a constant worry.  A personal GPS tracking system used with GPS tracking software can greatly reduce the risk of a loved one wandering away from home by quickly alerting family members via cell phone when the wearer leaves a preset area.

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