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GPS Tracking Systems for Public School Systems

Entrusted with both the safety and education of our children, public school administrators seeking to more effectively manage student transportation are increasingly turning to GPS tracking systems to help them efficiently manage bus routes, monitor drivers, and ensure child safety.  The following article explains how public school systems are utilizing GPS tracking devices as an important part of each and every school day.

Bus Route Planning

In both rural and urban areas, planning for pick-up and drop-off of hundreds, or even thousands of school children on a daily basis is no easy task. Bus routes must be planned to maximize fuel efficiency, minimize mileage, and be timed perfectly to get students to school on time.
GPS tracking systems are an effective tool for planning student transportation.  In addition to providing detailed, turn-by-turn information on each bus route, GPS tracking software can quickly help administrators determine which routes of travel are the quickest, and most fuel efficient.

Student Safety

The most important responsibility of any public school system is to ensure the safety of its students, and GPS tracking systems are quickly becoming an important tool in this area.  With GPS tracking devices installed on every vehicle within a school system's fleet, and the use of GPS tracking software, school administrators can quickly pinpoint the location of a stalled or stolen school bus.
In the event of a broken down bus on a busy freeway, or a bus stuck in the snow on a lonely country road, GPS tracking devices can ensure the fastest possible emergency response, and minimize the risk of injury.

Staff Monitoring

GPS tracking systems are also an effective means of monitoring school bus drivers for speed, and compliance with vehicle policy.  When GPS tracking devices are installed on school buses, or any other vehicle, administrators can monitor the speed of each driver, and be immediately alerted if a bus leaves its regular route of travel with the use of Internet-based GPS tracking software.
In addition, the installation of GPS tracking systems can protect your drivers in the event they are falsely accused of disregarding speed limits or other violations.  With GPS tracking devices, routes of travel are recorded with precision.

Getting Started

For more information on incorporating the use of GPS tracking systems within your public school system, contact TrackingTheWorld, Inc., a leading developer of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software for business, government, and private use. For more information, visit