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GPS Trackers for Every Application

With so many GPS trackers on the market today, many consumers are confused about which trackers will best suit their individual needs.  To help you choose the very best GPS tracking systems for your business or personal use, we've highlighted some common GPS needs and matched them up with our cutting-edge GPS trackers.

No Monthly Fees

In today's economy many consumers are cutting corners and looking for creative ways to stretch their budgets.  If you're looking for the protection and efficiency of GPS trackers without monthly service fees, we recommend the Global Asset Tracker.  Unlike other GPS trackers, the Global Asset Tracker is only activated upon the owner's request, so there are no monthly fees.  The handheld device can be carried on the person or hidden within a vehicle, and will remain in a standby mode for up to three years without a battery charge. We even offer one free activation/location check before any fees are accrued.  Plus, our optional hibernating battery pack will extend the life of the Global Asset Tracker's battery for up to 7 years.  Find out more here:

For Rugged Conditions

If your business or hobbies take you far beyond the comforts of home, check out our most rugged of GPS trackers…the WorldTracker Enduro.  Here, portability meets durability in an all-weather device.  The WorldTracker Enduro is designed to provide accurate reporting in temperatures ranging from well below zero to the hottest of summer days.  Our super-small magnetic case and hibernating battery pack make this one great for covert GPS tracking too.

For Personal Protection

GPS trackers are increasing in popularity as preferred personal protection devices.  While many GPS trackers can provide you with an added measure of personal security, we highly recommend the WorldTracker PLD (personal locator device).  With real-time updates as often as every 5 seconds, two-way voice communication, and reliable performance in areas such as basements, theatres and parking garages, this GPS tracker is equipped with the very best features for protecting yourself or your loved ones.  With quad-mode capabilities, our World Tracker PLD is also ideal for covert tracking operations or fleet tracking.  Read more here:

For Kids

Finding kid-friendly GPS tracking systems is a concern of many of today's parents looking for a foolproof way to protect their children from the threat of abduction, and a convenient way of monitoring their whereabouts.  Of all our GPS trackers, we highly recommend our WorldTracker GPRS for use by children.  In fact, GPS Magazine named it the best GPS tracker for kids in 2008. The WorldTracker GPRS provides real-time updates as often as every 15 seconds, and includes the powerful SiRF star III chipset.  Read more here:

For More Information

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