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GPS Trackers:  How These Businesses Use Them Every Day

GPS tracking devices are an affordable way to give you more control over your business and your profit margins.  Below are several examples of how businesses use GPS tracking devices every day.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Excavation companies and other heavy equipment operators use GPS tracking devices to monitor the location of and prevent theft of excavation equipment such as bulldozers, cranes and backhoes.  With theft of such valuable equipment on the rise, some insurance companies are actually requiring the installation of GPS trackers on heavy equipment.

Construction Companies

Remodeling and new home contractors use GPS tracking devices on job sites to monitor valuable supplies and other costly items such as air conditioning units and cabinetry.  Newspapers across the country have reported stories of stolen construction equipment and supplies being quickly recovered due to the foresight of owners who installed GPS tracking units on their equipment.

Logistics Firms

Companies contracted for transportation services routinely use GPS tracking software and GPS tracking devices to monitor the location of each unit of their fleet and provide accurate reporting to their customers.  With GPS trackers, logistics firms are able to provide improved customer service and monitor their carriers.

Home Repair Services

Home repair service providers such as plumbers, and lawn care providers use GPS tracking devices to establish efficiency in their businesses by pinpointing the most cost-effective delivery routes.  GPS trackers also enable these businesses to monitor their company vehicles and their employees.


Restaurants offering delivery services use GPS tracking systems to effectively manage their delivery services and the location of their delivery vehicles.  With the use of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software, restaurant managers can quickly determine delivery estimate times for customers and the most efficient delivery routes.

Private Investigators

Private investigators routinely use GPS trackers to aid them in their investigations.  Covert GPS tracking devices installed on vehicles or equipment can quickly help them identify theft suspects or maintain surveillance of subjects.

How Much Does GPS Tracking Cost?

As GPS tracking devices become increasingly affordable there is something available for nearly every budget.  Ranging from a few hundred dollars per vehicle and up, GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software can be specifically tailored to meet your precise business needs.

When considering the cost of GPS tracking equipment it is important to remember that the cost of a GPS tracking system for many businesses is often easily recouped through savings on vehicle wear and tear, fuel and staff time.

How to Find More Information on GPS Tracking Devices

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