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GPS Tracking for Municipalities and Non-Profits

With federal and state funding dwindling for many municipalities and non-profit organizations, GPS tracking systems can be an effective way of gaining control of wasted funds within your organization. Consider the following examples of how GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software can help your non-profit or municipality establish more efficient operations:

GPS Tracking Devices for Transportation Providers

If your municipality or non-profit organization provides transportation, GPS tracking systems are an ideal way of increasing efficiency by determining the most cost-effective routes of travel for drivers and saving on fuel costs.

For school systems and senior citizen transport services, GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software provide an added measure of security in that they allow administrators to immediately identify the location of each school bus or other vehicle in the event of an accident or weather emergency.

GPS Tracking Devices for Costly Equipment

GPS tracking systems are an excellent way for municipalities to protect and monitor their costly street equipment. Many small cities and towns know all too well how difficult it is to maintain updated and well-serviced heavy equipment. Why not protect these investments from theft with cost-effective GPS tracking equipment?

GPS Tracking Systems for Reporting Requirements

For municipalities and non-profits with mileage reporting requirements, GPS tracking systems can be true time and money savers. With the aid of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software you can quickly determine precisely how far a particular vehicle was driven for a specific time period.

For non-profits who purchase vehicles with grant funding, GPS tracking systems can be helpful in providing data for creating detailed reports of vehicle use for submission to funding providers.

Employee Supervision and Payroll Costs

With federal and state funding at all time lows, no municipality or non-profit can afford to lose dollars due to poor staff management. GPS tracking equipment can quickly help you determine efficient routes for transportation as well as alert you to excessive staff downtime and misuse of vehicles.

Law Enforcement Departments and Security Providers

The use of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software can save considerable staff hours in the areas of law enforcement and security. For example, rather than officers spending hours monitoring a vehicle or valuable piece of equipment, a GPS tracking device installed on the vehicle or equipment in question allows officers to leave it unattended and take care of other business. State-of-the-art GPS tracking software and GPS tracking devices will immediately send alerts when a monitored vehicle is moved or leaves a pre-determined area.

Master Keys

Worried by the idea of master keys becoming lost or making their way into the wrong hands? Municipalities and non-profits can increase security and peace of mind by attaching small GPS tracking devices to master keys, which will allow them to be quickly found if lost, eliminating the need for costly lock and key replacements.