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Green Your Business with GPS Tracking Systems

Are you worried about the environmental impact of your business?  There's no question that excessive fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and stacks of unnecessary paperwork take their toll on the world we live in.  But, did you know that GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software can help you establish greener business practices? It's true! Many business owners are turning to GPS tracking devices as a high-tech way to go green.  Here's how:

Reduce Fossil Fuel Use-Increase Gas Mileage:  One of the most environmentally-friendly and responsible things you can do as a business owner is to reduce your fuel consumption.  With GPS tracking systems installed on every business vehicle, dispatchers can easily select the most efficient response to every business call using GPS tracking software from any computer with Internet access.

Improve Driving Habits of Employees & Increase Gas Mileage:  Did you know that gas mileage can be reduced by up to 35-percent due to speeding and rapid acceleration?  GPS tracking systems on every company vehicle, and GPS tracking software can help you provide the deterrent you need to keep your employees' driving habits in check AND decrease the likelihood of accidents.

Reduce Carbon Emissions:  By reducing fuel consumption, you'll automatically reduce the carbon footprint of your business.  And, when you save fuel, you'll be saving money too- a must in today's economy.

Save Paper-Save a Tree:  GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software can also help you reduce the amount of paper waste generated by your company.  From eliminating mileage sheets to tracking employee hours, GPS tracking software gives you many options for reducing the stacks of paper your business generates on a daily basis.  In addition, GPS tracking software allows you to generate customized, electronic reports by vehicle, employee, or service location.

How it Works:  GPS tracking systems work with space satellites to pinpoint the exact location of the devices from anywhere on the planet.  With GPS tracking software, the information obtained from GPS tracking devices can be viewed in a user-friendly, searchable format enhanced by satellite mapping technology such as Google Earth.

For more information on utilizing cost-effective and efficient GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software as part of your day-to-day business operations, contact TrackingTheWorld via or call 650-692-8100.