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GPS Tracking for Holiday Gifts

Like it or not, the Holidays are here, and this year there are plenty of GPS tracking gift choices for everyone on your shopping list. Let's take a look at TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking units for even your most picky friends and family members who seem to already have everything.

The Family Adventurer

For the avid cyclist or hiker in your family, we suggest the WorldTracker Enduro. It's an all- weather GPS tracking unit designed to stand up to the worst conditions Mother Nature has to offer. The quad-band GPS tracker features the SiRF Star III chipset, and provides location reports a quickly as every 10 seconds. With TrackingTheWorld's GPS tracking software, the Enduro can also provide geo-fence alarms, and an emergency alarm to give your family thrill seeker some added safety. And, in case your family adventurer wants to use the Enduro for tracking their vehicle there's also an optional back-up battery pack for the Enduro which will allow it to operate for months at a time between charges.
Find out more about the Enduro GPS tracking system here:  WorldTracker Enduro

Mom and Dad

Whatever you do, don't forget mom and dad during the holidays. TrackingTheWorld offers personal GPS tracking devices designed for personal safety and vehicle tracking. Sure to be appreciated by your parents or grandparents, the WorldTracker GPS tracking unit features unparalleled reliability and simplicity of use. The WorldTracker also offers the very latest chipset in GPS tracking devices - the SiRF Star III. Smaller than a set of keys the WorldTracker is convenient to carry in a purse or clipped to a belt. Don't forget you can also track family vehicles with the WorldTracker by tossing the GPS tracking unit in your car's console, or purchasing the optional hibernating battery pack for extended coverage.
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The Kids

Unless you want the nickname Uncle Scrooge this year, consider GPS tracking devices for your nieces, nephews, and your own children. The WorldTracker is a great option for keeping kids safe. The WorldTracker is very durable, and suitable for allowing kids to have a little fun while trying out their new GPS tracking units. It also works reliably in difficult signal locations such as parking garages.
Read more about the WorldTracker GPS tracking device here:  WorldTracker GPRS

For More Information

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