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4 Ways to Improve Your Business with GPS Tracking

For business owners seeking to simplify business operations and improve efficiency, GPS tracking devices are becoming increasingly affordable and practical for mainstream use.  Below you will find 4 suggestions for incorporating GPS tracking devices as part of everyday business operations.

Asset and Fleet Management:  GPS tracking devices allow business owners to pinpoint the exact location of company vehicles or other assets from anywhere on earth.  Using software which integrates with Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth, operations managers can easily select the most efficient choice for responding to service calls or deliveries.  When used for asset and fleet management, GPS tracking devices can assist business owners in improving response times, fuel efficiency and payroll costs.

Employee Monitoring and Safety:  GPS tracking devices provide an excellent way to monitor the productivity and safety of employees.  Through the use of “geo-fences,” GPS tracking devices can alert business owners when an employee or company vehicle enters or leaves a predetermined area.  In addition, through the use of sophisticated GPS software, GPS tracking devices can provide real-time updates on the exact location of employees or report the amount of time spent  in any single location by employees  at any time.   In the event an employee would require emergency assistance, GPS tracking devices provide a reliable way for assistance to reach them quickly.

Security:  Concerned about the location of master keys or other items?  GPS tracking devices, no larger than small cell phones can be attached to key rings to track and determine the location of master keys in the event they become lost or fall into the wrong hands.  In addition, GPS trackers can be easily hidden in company vehicles to aid law enforcement in quickly recovering them if they are stolen.

Tracking Shipments:  GPS tracking units provide an efficient and accurate method for tracking shipments across land, sea and air. Through the use of GPS tracking technology and sophisticated GPS tracking software, business owners and operations managers can easily see the exact location of shipments and pinpoint delivery times.

As GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software become increasingly affordable, more and more businesses are incorporating GPS tracking into everyday business management.  For businesses of every type and size, GPS tracking is a readily available resource.