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Introduction to Fleet Tracking Software for Businesses

If you're business owner or dispatcher responsible for the efficiency, safety, and maintenance of any number of vehicles, it's important to consider the many ways in which fleet tracking software can help you operate your business more effectively, and provide better service, all while saving you time, money, and resources.

Fleet Maintenance

Whether you're managing a fleet of 2 or 200 vehicles, tracking mileage and daily usage rates for maintenance purposes can be a time consuming task.  With fleet tracking software and GPS tracking devices, mileage for each vehicle is automatically tracked each and every time they leave your lot.  Using a computer with Internet access, you can utilize GPS tracking software to quickly download information.

Improved Response Times

The profitability of your business depends on responding to and closing the largest number of calls possible every day.  With fleet tracking software, dispatchers can easily determine which vehicle should respond, and even the most efficient response routes.  Fleet tracking software also provides customized mapping options for incorporating your company's existing information.

Asset Protection

As the economy continues to decline, crime is on the rise.  With fleet tracking software, you'll easily be able to determine the exact location of all your vehicles at any time.  In the event a vehicle is stolen, or even leaves your usual coverage area, fleet tracking software can alert multiple people via cell phone in an instant.

Record Keeping

You can keep impeccable records, and take the tedious burden off the shoulders of your staff with the help of fleet tracking software.  Want to know how many miles each vehicle travels per day, or need to keep a by-the-minute record of staff activity?  Fleet tracking software is the solution.

How it Works

Fleet tracking software works in conjunction with GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles.  The devices can be hard-wired to the vehicle's battery, making them completely unnoticeable, or placed inside a glove box or console area.  GPS tracking devices communicate with space satellites to provide exact location information, anywhere on the planet.  Using fleet tracking software, users can access the detailed information in a user-friendly format which includes satellite mapping.

For More Information

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