March 2011: GPS Tracking News

TrackingTheWorld is always on the lookout for great news stories about GPS trackers, and the many ways they prove beneficial for their users.  Check out the following news stories on GPS tracking devices:

Tow Truck Bandits

Kentucky police recently apprehended two individuals, a father and son team, suspected of stealing cars by towing away disabled vehicles found along Tennessee highways when they attempted to steal a bait car outfitted with a GPS tracking device.  When the on-board GPS tracker sensed the movement of the bait car, it reported the vehicle's location to authorities.  The suspects were quickly apprehended near Bowling Green, KY.

Australia Uses GPS Trackers for Domestic Violence Offenders

While commonly used to monitor sex offenders in the United States, Australia is taking things a step further by using GPS tracking devices to track domestic violence offenders.  Australian Premier Kristina Keneally has launched a 15-million dollar pilot program to protect women and children from domestic violence offenders.

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Ferry Passengers Track Shuttles with GPS Tracking Systems

NY Waterway, a New York ferry service, just launched GPS tracking systems that allow New Jersey ferry passengers to track the location of the company's free shuttles via their cell phones.  The system is designed to increase efficiency and decrease waits for ferry passengers.  So, no more missing the bus thanks to GPS tracking devices!

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Beware Class Skippers!

An Anaheim, CA school is implementing a grant-funded 6-week test program which uses GPS trackers to keep tabs on junior high kids who have a habit of cutting class.  Routine offenders will be given GPS tracking systems which require them to check in 5 times throughout the day.  The same kids will also receive a telephone reminder every morning to encourage them to attend school.  If the pilot program is successful it may be implemented as a permanent addition to the school's attendance program.

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