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TrackingTheWorld Launches New GPS Tracking System

TrackingTheWorld, Inc has added even more versatility to their expansive offering of GPS tracking systems with the launch of their most recently developed GPS tracking device, the WorldTracker PLD.

The WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking system features voice communication options as well as quad-mode capabilities, making it an ideal choice for asset management, covert GPS tracking, and personal safety. In addition, the WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking system provides tracking, reporting and monitoring for up to two weeks on a single battery charge and is capable of providing updates as often as every 5 seconds. "This GPS tracking system is an excellent choice for a number of applications from individual use to business management," said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld,Inc.

Fully operational even in closed spaces such as parking garages or glove boxes from anywhere in the world, the quad-mode capabilities of the WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking system eliminate the need for external placement often required with many other GPS tracking systems.

A leading producer of GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software, TrackingTheWorld, Inc. offers a full range of GPS tracking systems for fleet management, asset tracking and covert GPS tracking needs. "We will work with you to find a GPS tracking system that fully meets the individual GPS tracking needs of your business," said Walz.

In addition to the WorldTracker PLD, TrackingTheWorld’s WorldTracker GPRS tracking system is an extraordinarily discreet GPS tracking device, featuring real-time updates available as often as every 15 seconds. Smaller than the palm of a hand, the WorldTracker GPRS provides reliable and fast tri-mode global tracking.

TrackingTheWorld also offers an optional hibernating battery pack, housed in a crush-proof and waterproof magnetic Pelican™ case, which allows the WorldTracker GPRS tracking system to operate for up to 3 months entirely unmonitored due to it’s innovative hibernation feature, which powers down the battery when no motion is detected. Often used in covert GPS tracking operations, TrackingTheWorld’s hibernating GPS battery pack for GPS tracking systems is highly cost-effective due to the amount of staffing hours it saves.

In addition to GPS tracking devices, TrackingTheWorld, Inc. recently announced the availability of powerful web-based GPS tracking software which is available for private label use with TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking hardware. Compatible with free services such as Google Earth, and Virtual Earth, the GPS tracking software is also fully customizable for use with the user’s own maps when greater detail is required.

TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software provides a fast all-in-one way for licensees to generate recurring monthly income based on their own sales of tracking services and TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking systems. "As the public’s demand for GPS tracking systems continues to increase, so will the need for GPS service providers," said Walz.

GPS tracking systems operate via satellite technology developed and implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense. Once cost-prohibitive for small businesses and individuals, GPS tracking systems are now more affordable than ever before, and are quite commonly used for business needs such as GPS tracking of company vehicles or assets, personal safety, and employee supervision.

Based in Burlingame, California, TrackingTheWorld, Inc. is a world leader in the development of GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking devices and is committed to providing consumers with the most advanced GPS tracking systems available today. "We continuously monitor the latest in GPS tracking technology said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld currently has openings for those interested in wholesale distribution of GPS tracking systems, with minimum order requirements. For more information on any TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking system, GPS tracking software or wholesale distribution of GPS equipment, please visit or call 1.650.692.8100.