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TrackingTheWorld Releases New GPS Tracking Software
Two Week Free Trial Available Now

Burlingame, CA - TrackingTheWorld, a global leader in GPS tracking software and hardware, recently released the firm’s new and much anticipated GPS tracking software for monitoring assets, including vehicles, heavy equipment, and shipments, for its clients.

"After more than a year of development, we are pleased to announce that our new GPS tracking software is ready and capable of providing even more options for GPS tracking", said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

The innovative features of the new fleet tracking software include multiple security levels, Bing maps support, polygonal geo-fencing, customizable logos and names for devices, more reporting and alert options, and the option to purchase with or without the source code.

Three security levels now allow administrators to assign user defined access to their accounts, including server admin which allows full access, organization admin which allows for access to specific organization(s), and a driver access level which allows a driver access to a single device.  "Advanced security levels allow business owners to control the amount of information each employee may access," said Walz.

Polygonal geo-fencing allows users to move beyond previous rectangle shaped geo-fences to create very specific boundaries for tracking devices as opposed to only boxed boundaries, giving the business owner even more control of his or her fleet.

At the organization level, TrackingTheWorld’s new GPS tracking software now supports logo and appearance customization options.  "An administrator tracking two or more organizations now has the ability to personalize the view each organization prefers," said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld’s new software was designed with the goal of offering as many options and increased security as possible.  "We’ve exceeded our goals and are confident our new software will provide our clients with everything they need for efficient and effective GPS tracking," said Walz.

The firm is now offering a free 2-week trial of the software for owners of GPS trackers, including TrackingTheWorld devices and any competitor’s, and an online demonstration page.  For more information on the free trial and demo, contact TrackingTheWorld at 650-692-8100.

TrackingTheWorld offers three purchase options for the new software:  $12,995 for tracking of up to 250 assets, $19,995 for tracking an unlimited number of assets, and $29,995 for an unlimited number of assets and the software’s source code.  The software is fully-customizable to meet the specific needs of any business.  TrackingTheWorld software engineers are available to make custom changes for a nominal fee.

TrackingTheWorld is a foremost global provider of GPS tracking software and hardware for business owners, law enforcement, private investigators, and others.  For additional information on TrackingTheWorld’s new software, fleet tracking, GPS tracking hardware, distributor opportunities, and profit sharing, please visit, email, or call 650-692-8100.