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TrackingTheWorld Now Offering Private Label GPS Tracking Websites

Burlingame, CA - TrackingTheWorld recently announced the availability of private label websites featuring access to the firm's highly-sophisticated GPS tracking software.  The private label websites are specifically-designed for resellers who want to provide their own customers with subscription-based GPS tracking services.

"Our private label websites are a unique opportunity for individuals interested in launching a GPS tracking business with minimal effort and unlimited earning potential," said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

The private label websites function by providing the site owner with unlimited access to TrackingTheWorld's GPS tracking software.  The owner of the site is then able to charge his or her own customers as they wish for GPS services such as fleet tracking and vehicle tracking.  "Our reseller sites offer great flexibility and allow owners the ability to set their own profit margins," said Walz.

According to Walz, GPS tracking offers a level of growth unheard of in other industries.  "As businesses become more and more dependent upon technology to successfully compete in a global market, the need for GPS tracking service providers continues to increase," he said.

The many commercial uses for GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software include vehicle tracking, employee monitoring and security, fuel conservation, and criminal investigations.  In addition, GPS trackers are often utilized by individuals as an effective means of personal security, tracking teenage drivers, and child safety.  "As a private label reseller, one could choose to market GPS tracking services to any or all of these demographics," said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld's GPS tracking software uses information obtained from individual GPS tracking systems to provide detailed and extremely-accurate location and movement information on people, vehicles, and other assets through satellite mapping technology.  Users may also utilize the software to retrieve historically-archived data for generating reports on vehicle usage and mileage.  The software is designed to operate exclusively with TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking devices.  "This level of GPS tracking is a highly-desirable product for owners of both small hometown businesses and large corporations.  It's becoming a routine way of doing business," said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld, Inc. is a world leader in the development in GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software. For more information on the firm's private label GPS tracking websites, or product distribution opportunities, please visit