The OFT-210 from Tracking The World will revolutionize criminal tracking, corporate office protection, and skip tracing. The OFT-210 is waterproof and vibration proof, but that’s just the tip of this tracking iceberg. As indestructible as steel, the OFT-210 is also the smallest ankle tracker on the planet.

Inside of the OFT-210 is an optical fiber that makes tampering with this tracking device impossible. Stronger than copper, this fiber detects any cutting or pulling of the ankle strap making any attempt to escape this GPS tracker useless. Complete with a rechargeable battery, the OFT-210 can last for up to five days without an additional charge – that’s longer than most other ankle trackers on the market.

The OFT-210 also comes with an internal backup battery that ensures this device never stops working. Even if the main battery is removed, the OFT-210 will keep operating. If the main battery disappears, a warning signal will be emitted immediately. There’s just no way to escape the OFT-210.

While originally built for law enforcement use, the OFT-210 can be used to track Alzheimer patients. Since the OFT-210 is not bulky, this GPS ankle tracker is comfortable enough to wear regularly. As with most of our products, the OFT-210 works with Tracking The World’s exclusive tracking service. A personalized GPS tracking service can also be arranged by using the software that comes with the OFT-210.

The OFT-210 comes with:

  • A high-density plastic case
  • Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • A wall charger
  • A tamper-proof elastic strap
  • An internal back-up battery

Easily the smallest and most durable GPS ankle tracking device on the market, the OFT-210 uses a quad-band GSM transceiver to send and retrieve signals. Coupled with the latest reliable Ublox GPS receiver, the OFT-210 is unstoppable. If you’re looking for a reliable, indestructible, and rugged GPS ankle tracking device, contact Tracking The World at 650-692-8100 or at Sales@TrackingTheWorld.com.