Covert GPS Tracking: A Profitable Business Possibility

While some GPS tracking dealers choose to sell many varieties of GPS trackers for multiple purposes, some dealers choose to find a niche market and target their services toward a specific group of people or to meet a specific need.  One of the most profitable and growing markets within the GPS tracking industry is covert GPS tracking. 

Here are a few tips for starting your own covert GPS tracking business:

Know the Market

Who are the biggest and best customers for covert GPS tracking devices?  At the top of the list, you will find law enforcement agencies, government and military entities, and private investigators.  Most often used to track vehicles, covert GPS tracking devices are considered to be a cost-effective alternative to absorbing thousands of hours of human resources for a single undercover project.

The Software

A prerequisite for successfully targeting those with a demand for covert GPS trackers is providing these customers with monthly GPS tracking services through sophisticated GPS tracking software that meets the precise needs of this group.  For example, covert GPS tracking clients want detailed mapping, geo-fencing, and multiple alarm settings.  To see GPS tracking software ideal for covert tracking, visit

The Hardware

When choosing covert GPS trackers, look for quality devices designed to survive the rigors of covert tracking.  This includes finding GPS trackers that are weather-resistant, equipped with motion detectors to preserve battery life, and those with the option of upgrading to an optional hibernating battery pack and case.  On many covert trackers, battery pack cases use strong magnets for easily and covertly attaching them under vehicles.  Battery life is especially important for covert GPS trackers, as one of the most important factors in covert GPS tracking is the tracker’s capabilities to be left unattended for long periods of time, and then reliably operate when needed.  Battery conservation for covert GPS tracking devices is typically achieved through the use of onboard motion detectors which allow the tracker to hibernate when not in use.

For More Information:

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