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GPS Trackers:  Reduce Those Sneaky Business Costs

As a business owner, you most certainly are aware of the obvious ways to reduce the costs incurred by your business: shop around for the best prices, avoid unnecessary purchases, cut back on staff hours, etc.  But what about the hidden costs of doing business?  The fact is, you may be losing money in ways you never even thought of.  Here's how GPS trackers can help:

GPS Trackers for Preventing Employee Theft

It's something every business owner hates to think about, but the reality is that most businesses experience some loss due to theft of resources and company time by employees.  Recent estimates put the annual rate of employee theft for US businesses at $40 billion per year, and as the economy worsens that figure is climbing.

GPS trackers can help you put the brakes on theft by employees in a number of ways.  First, GPS trackers can reduce theft by employees by closely monitoring all the vehicles in your company fleet.  If a vehicle is idle or roams out of its assigned range, GPS trackers can immediately alert you on its whereabouts.

If you suspect that an employee is using a company vehicle for unauthorized travel, GPS trackers can give you the information you need to know for sure.  In addition to providing you with important information on your company assets, GPS trackers provide a great way of deterring your employees from theft.

GPS Trackers for Insurance Discounts

There's no doubt about it, cutting that annual check for insurance premiums is a dreaded event for almost every business owner.  With GPS trackers installed on your most valuable assets you may be able to get a discount on your policy.  GPS trackers greatly increase the likelihood of your assets being found quickly and unharmed if stolen, so some insurance providers are rewarding the installation of GPS trackers with reduced premiums.  In addition, GPS trackers act as a safe driving reminder for your employees, so you're likely to end up with fewer insurance claims.

Retain More Customers

Ever wonder if you're losing income because your hard-earned customers are turning to other service providers?  GPS trackers can help you provide the best customer service in the neighborhood by assuring that your delivery truck or service provider will arrive faster than anyone else.  In fact, with GPS trackers, your dispatcher can easily determine the most efficient response to any call, and you'll be able to give your customers accurate arrival times when they call.

More Information on GPS Trackers

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