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The Remarkable Features of GPS Trackers

The evolvement of GPS tracking and computer technology has resulted in amazing advancements within the GPS tracking industry.  Below you will find descriptions of state-of-the-art features currently available on GPS tracking devices.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices are now available with real-time tracking updates.  Rather than providing updates every 5-15 minutes, some GPS trackers now offer updates as often as every few seconds, allowing real-time GPS tracking capabilities.

Improved Reception

In the past, GPS tracking devices have provided spotty service inside large buildings or parking garages.  With improved technology, GPS trackers are now available in models that are unaffected by large buildings and parking garages.

Smaller Size

As with many other electronic devices, today's GPS trackers are much smaller than those from years back.  Today, personal GPS tracking devices are no larger than a small cell phone or beeper, making them more convenient and user-friendly.

Voice Communication

The availability of GPS tracking systems with 2-way voice communications have added both convenience and an additional layer of security for those using GPS tracking devices as a personal security device for themselves, employees and loved ones.

Improved Battery Life

As battery technology continues to improve, GPS tracking devices and other electronics are able to operate longer and more efficiently on a single battery charge.

GPS Tracking Software Developments

With improved satellite mapping technology, GPS tracking software is now comes with features never before available, such as the ones described below.

Customized Mapping:  Business owners now have the ability to incorporate their own customized maps into cutting-edge GPS tracking software, allowing them to receive even greater benefits from their GPS tracking systems.

Web Applications:  Web-based GPS tracking software for GPS tracking systems allows for a virtually maintenance-free way of utilizing the benefits of GPS tracking software.

Geo-Fencing:  In addition to sending automated alerts when specified GPS tracking units begin movement, GPS tracking software now allows users to set predetermined limits, known as geo-fences, for GPS tracking units, alerting users when a GPS tracking unit leaves a set area.


Today's personal GPS tracking devices require little technical knowledge to operate.  With simple power buttons and charging devices, anyone who can use a cell phone can easily operate a GPS tracker.

Sleek Designs

In addition to being smaller and easier to use, GPS tracking devices are now available in attractive, non-cumbersome designs which allow them to be carried anywhere nearly unnoticed.


GPS tracking units are now available in price ranges affordable to almost anyone.  As technology evolves and demand increases, GPS tracking devices are now more affordable than ever before.