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Top GPS Tracking Systems and Accessories from TrackingTheWorld, Inc.

If you're considering the purchase of GPS tracking systems for your business or personal use, be sure to research the wide range of GPS tracking devices and high-tech GPS tracking software available from TrackingTheWorld, a premier developer of GPS tracking technology.  Here are brief descriptions of a few GPS tracking systems and accessories by TrackingTheWorld.

WorldTracker GPRS:  Ideal for personal or business use, the WorldTracker GPRS is a self-contained, water-resistant GPS tracking system which offers real-time updates every 15 seconds.  The system is sleek, compact, and can easily be hidden out of sight or worn on the body like a cell phone or pager.
Credited by GPS Magazine as the best GPS tracking system for children, the WorldTracker GPRS is a popular choice for consumers with personal safety in mind.  The WorldTracker GPRS works in conjunction with GPS tracking software or fleet tracking software to provide highly-detailed information enhanced by satellite mapping technology.
The WorldTracker GPRS includes the SiRF Star III GPS chip set, innovative technology which allows GPS tracking systems to operate more reliably and last longer on a single battery charge.

GPS Global Asset Tracker:  A first of its kind, the Global Asset Tracker eliminates the monthly service charges associated with other GPS tracking systems.  When attached to a vehicle or other asset, the device remains dormant until it is activated at the user's request, such as when the asset becomes lost or stolen. With its incredibly low battery requirements, the GAT can remain in place for up to 3 years without a charge.

WorldTracker PLD:  As GPS tracking systems continue to gain popularity as personal safety devices, the WorldTracker PLD provides the unique feature of emergency voice communication with the very latest in GPS tracking technology.  The WorldTracker PLD is a quad mode GPS tracking system which provides location updates as often as every 5 seconds, at a price affordable for individuals.

"Hibernator" Extended-Life Battery Packs:  Hibernating battery packs for GPS tracking systems allow the devices to operate only when needed, while conserving energy and minimizing the need for human intervention. TrackingTheWorld's hibernating battery pack is housed in a crush-proof, magnetic case, allowing users to easily and very quickly attach GPS tracking systems to any vehicle, or within a shipment or package.

GPS Tracking Software:  TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software incorporates the very latest developments in GPS technology, and is designed for use with TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking systems.  The software includes customized mapping features, geo-fencing technology, and historically-archived data options.

For more information on the latest in GPS tracking systems, GPS tracking software, and fleet tracking software, please visit TrackingTheWorld's website at, or call 650-692-8100.