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Top 6 Places to Hide GPS Trackers

In a Car

As the most obvious and most popular spot to hide GPS trackers, your family or business vehicle provides a great way to put GPS trackers to work for you.  In addition to their role in covert tracking operations, GPS trackers in vehicles can help you track a teenage driver and your employees.

On Your Boat

Don't risk losing the things you've worked so hard to earn.  GPS trackers installed on your boat, motorcycle, or other valuable items can mean the difference between being a victim of theft and recovering your property intact.

In a Package

A slumping economy almost always fuels a rise in retail theft and other crimes.  If you're a retail business owner, stashing GPS trackers in random packages can help you easily recover stolen merchandise.  Frequent news reports involving GPS trackers and retail merchandise are proof positive that GPS trackers are a cost-effective tool in fighting retail theft.

In Your Child's Backpack

Hiding GPS trackers in children's backpacks is an excellent way to provide an added measure of personal protection for your littlest loved ones.  GPS trackers offer a convenient way to track your child's movements and a reliable way of finding them in the event of an emergency.

In a Purse

A GPS tracker hidden in a woman's purse offers an added layer of security, especially during an emergency when the use of a cell phone might not be possible.

On a Building Site

GPS trackers are often used on construction sites to protect heavy equipment such as backhoes and forklifts and high-dollar items such as appliances.  Similar to retail theft trends, construction site theft often peaks in a slow economy.

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