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GPS Tracking Devices for College Campuses

In addition to their use as security devices for businesses and law enforcement, GPS tracking devices are now being used on some college campuses nationwide.  The recent wave of campus violence has contributed to this trend.  Below are 4 ways that the typical GPS tracking device can improve safety and security on college campuses.

Tracking Students

Through the use of a campus-wide GPS tracking system, and a handheld GPS tracking device for each and every student, campus administrators are quickly able to locate each student in the event of a campus emergency.  Through the use of the GPS tracking system and GPS tracking software, it is easy to pinpoint how many students are on campus at a given time and their exact locations.  Some college campuses are requiring each student to purchase a cell phone which contains a GPS tracking device.

Parents of college students, particularly female college students, may find peace of mind in knowing that their daughter's location can be determined almost immediately through the use of a personal GPS tracking device or campus-wide GPS tracking system.

Tracking Campus Security Officers

A campus-wide GPS tracking system combined with state-of-the-art GPS tracking software can assist campus administrators and security officials with developing the most efficient and effective routes and coverage areas for security personnel.  Through the use of a GPS tracking device on each security vehicle, the quickest emergency response times can be determined.  In addition, a GPS tracking device on campus security vehicles can work as a deterrent for staff members who may be tempted to misuse their time and campus resources.

Tracking Master Keys

Keeping track of master keys on any college campus is a costly and time-consuming undertaking.  The use of a GPS tracking system and a GPS tracking device attached to every master key can eliminate the misplacement of keys and the possibility of those keys ending up in the wrong hands.  In the event a master key is lost, GPS tracking software can be used to pinpoint its exact location and enable administrators to quickly recover it.

As the security needs of today's world are constantly evolving, the GPS tracking device and GPS tracking software are becoming increasingly more practical.  Once only thought of as a tool for large businesses, the GPS tracking device is emerging as a cost effective solution to common security and business management problems.

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