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TrackingTheWorld Inc. Announces Distributor Openings

(PRLog.Org) – Burlingame, CA. TrackingTheWorld, an international leader in the development of global positioning and tracking products recently announced distribution opportunities for resellers in the United States and abroad.

"This opportunity will allow dealers to purchase cutting-edge global positioning technology products at substantial savings and profitably market them to their own customers," said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

In an exclusive agreement with wholesale distributor Productive Electronics LLC, distributors of TrackingTheWorld products will have access to a complete range of technical training and sales support to assist them in getting started. "We want to fully support each distributor to maximize their earning potential," Walz said.

TrackingTheWorld’s innovative products include the World Tracker GPRS, the world’s smallest GPS real-time tracker and the first to feature real-time updates every 15 seconds. When powered with TrackingTheWorld’s extended-life hibernating battery pack, the World Tracker GPRS is a completely self-contained unit that will operate up to 90 days unattended.

The World Tracker GPRS and hibernating battery pack combination is a mere 5 inches long when housed in its waterproof and crushproof Pelican™ case. "This popular and discreet product is successfully utilized for asset tracking by shipping companies and law enforcement officials worldwide," said Walz.

For more information on becoming a distributor of TrackingTheWorld’s world-renown global positioning products, please visit TrackingTheWorld’s wholesale distributor, Productive Electronics LLC, online at:

To find out more about the World Tracker GPRS and its compact lithium ion hibernating battery pack, or to find a distributor near you, please visit:

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