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TrimTrac GPS tracking Device

When you want to talk about small GPS tracking devices you want to talk about the TrimTrac GPS tracking device. The TrimTrac GPS tracking device is one of the smallest tracking devices on the marketplace today. It can be easily connected to any onboard vehicle system and adds value to any of the existing services that you may have already available to your business. With the tram track GPS tracking device you can easily and quickly update and expand the services are available for this device and make it very easy to add subscribers to the unit itself.

The TrimTrac GPS tracking device can instantly be placed inside a vehicle's passenger glove compartment or aimed other similar discreet location. I did say the vehicle passenger glove compartment! We are trying about the ability now to have a GPS tracking device hidden in a very discreet location where you do not have to have open sky to be able to find the GPS signals from the satellites. Why you need to worry about more expensive time-consuming installations we can quickly and easily put the tram track GPS tracking device in a target vehicle underneath the seat in a glove compartment or any other discreet location inside the vehicle and still be able to find back vehicle using your GPS mapping solution. The sensitivity of this TrimTrac device for the GPS satellite signal is a phenomenal; it quickly picks up the GPS satellites eating quickly and easily locate the vehicle no matter where it is.

Best of all with the TrimTrac GPS tracking device is a very small, durable, lightweight, and water resistant GPS device. Where else can you get such a great small easily usable device except here at Security Concepts. The TrimTrac is one of the latest greatest GPS devices on the marketplace right now and the TrimTrac also has GSM/SMS tracking capabilities as well. This puts it at the forefront of wireless technology so that you can get a signal no matter where you are so you're not tied down to a computer in order to find out where the vehicle lists. Not only do you get world-class GPS technology with the TrimTrac but you're also able to get enhanced GPS sensitivity where you are able to locate this vehicle were other traditional GPS devices would not work. The TrimTrac also has three of the major GSM frequency bands available to it so you're assured of being able to track the vehicle.

With the TrimTrac you're now looking at the capability of having a GPS tracking device placed in a vehicle that will work up to 90 days on a set of four AA batteries. This is the type of technology that you've been waiting for, the ability to place a tracking device in a target vehicle and not have to worry about rushing back to the vehicle the very next day the next weekend or the following week to pick up the device. When using a TrimTrac device again you are no longer limited to placing a GPS tracking device on the outside of the vehicle. With contract you can now place the GPS tracking device inside the vehicle inside a glove compartment some other discreet location inside the vehicle or the subject will not see it you don't have to worry about an antenna hanging out from the device anymore.

When you're looking for the most discreet GPS tracking device available on the market, with the most power and capabilities for your money the TrimTrac is the only choice for you. Here at security concepts we pride ourselves on having the best in GPS tracking capabilities and the TrimTrac gives you that ability. We can help you with learning how to install the device where to install the device is really up to you but we can show you the best ways to handle this. Plus with our online tracking system so you can access Google maps if you want to or Microsoft maps you will be see exactly where that vehicle lists. Or maybe you're mobile just like the vehicle is, now you can start receiving your GPS information to your cell phone. What better way to stay on top of a situation and not be tied down to a desk, use your cell phone the way it was meant to be.

Again the TrimTrac is one of the best, top of the line GPS tracking devices on the market place today. And when you need the ability to track a vehicle and not worry about where the GPS unit needs to be placed proper coverage or any of those other issues you can rest assured that using the TrimTrac you will know exactly where it's at.