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Understanding GPS Tracking Software

In order to fully appreciate the capabilities of GPS tracking systems within your business, it's important to understand the features of GPS tracking software, so you can use it to maximize the benefits of your investment in a GPS tracking system.

Satellite Mapping

Have you ever visited Google Earth to search for points of interest, or perhaps even your own home?  The satellite mapping provided by Google Earth and other satellite mapping services is put to use by GPS tracking systems and software to provide users with detailed maps and information regarding the location of their assets, their employees, and their routes of travel.

GPS tracking software uses the information received from GPS tracking systems and existing satellite maps to report valuable information, including detailed location information, and navigation routes.  Using a GPS tracking system and GPS tracking software, users can even playback specific routes of travel any time they need them.

Time Increments

If there's anything every business owner could use more of, it's time.  In addition to helping you save time by establishing a pattern of efficiency, GPS tracking systems and software can help you by providing detailed time reports in relation to your business operations.  Need to know how long your employee spent on the job?  Need to know how long your heavy equipment was in operation?  GPS tracking systems in conjunction with GPS tracking software can provide you with exact time increments for any application.

Safety & Security

GPS tracking software often includes enhanced security features including geo-fencing and emergency alert systems, which alert users when a specific GPS tracking device leaves a predetermined area.  GPS tracking software can even be programmed to call your cell phone when a GPS system enters an unauthorized area.


If you are looking for a GPS tracking system or GPS tracking software, be sure to carefully evaluate exactly how you plan to use them.  In addition to your budget, your intended use for GPS tracking systems will dictate which GPS tracking devices are best for your business.  For more information on GPS tracking systems, visit