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Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the old days, tracking a vehicle required the kind of cloak-and-dagger techniques that you usually only see in the movies. For private investigators and law enforcement officials, however, this was pretty much the only way to get the job done. Even if you were trying to track your own company vehicles (if you owned a fleet of delivery trucks, for example), you were pretty much at the mercy of your drivers while they were out on the road.

GPS tracking technology has changed all of that. It is now possible to install a tiny electronic device on a vehicle that keeps track of its position using GPS satellite tracking technology, and then sends that information to you over cell phone networks and even the Internet. The result is that you don't even have to leave your office to know exactly where a particular vehicle is, any time of the day or night.

Security Concepts manufactures GPS tracking devices that are designed to work in virtually any vehicle tracking application. We have units that are small and discreet enough for private investigators, as well as robust units that allow two-way communication between a driver and the home office. No matter what your needs may be, Security Concepts has a GPS tracking device for you.

Our devices have been used in incredibly diverse circumstances: a kayak rental company in California, a NASA field experiment in the Arizona desert, and countless vehicle fleets around the globe. They are robust, dependable, and built to last.